Toolkits & Databases

Integrated GIS and data analysis systems

  • GeoGraphix Discovery Suite V2019.3   GIS mapping and geospatial data management and query, well-log correlation, structural and stratigraphic analysis, petrophysics, and 2D/3D seismic interpretation.
  • ERSI ArcGIS Pro   data analytics, cartography and visualization.
  • PHDWin 10.4   (V3 beta coming soon), integrated economics and decline curve analysis for evaluation of projects, producing properties and reserve evaluations.
  • NeuraLog 2020   well-log digital curve tracing and data formatting and editing software.
  • All Topos – Wyoming topo maps


  • Zeiss Axio Scope.A1   polarized light microscope with Axiocam 208 imager and ZEN Core V2.7 imaging, analysis, database, and reporting software.
  • Meiji Techno America   EMZ 13TR binocular microscope with imager and image processing software.

Field Mapping

  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro   UAV with 20MP visible light sensor, surveying software, and Drone2Map image processing software. Integrated with GeoGraphix and ERSI ArcGIS Pro.
  • Traditional standard tools (Garmon GPS, Brunton Geo pocket transit compass, Jacob’s Staff, map board, hammer, etc.)


  • Historical archives (ca. 1916 – 2019), non-restricted proprietary geologic and engineering reports, maps, cross-sections, and other information relating to regional geology, prospects, oil & gas wells, and producing properties.
  • Proprietary digital well-log database (~54,000 wells, depth registered images & selected digitized), internal QC, company owned.
  • Historical well-log archives, ca. ~1908-1980’s drillers/geologist sample, USGS, hardcopy geophysical logs (~ 189,000 wells 1938-1992).

Collaboration with engineers,
geophysists, legal counsel, and landmen.